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Celestial Tapestry: 8 Piece Handmade Dice Set

Celestial Tapestry: 8 Piece Handmade Dice Set

Golden stars. Silver constellations. Bronze and copper traces of magic. The promise of adventure lies within these heavenly dice, just waiting to bring a little extra sparkle to YOUR story.


Celestial Tapestry comes with a standard 7-piece set made with my custom fox head logo mold, and a matching oversized D20. 

  • Technical Specifications

    • All dice are made with Epoxy Resin
    • All dice are cast in a California Air Tools pressure pot to ensure balance and a proper cure.
    • All dice are sanded and polished by hand
  • Creative Specifications

    The custom dice masters for this set were created by Cleric's Components

    The custom dice mold was created by NanoLabMaker


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