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Fortune's Favor: 8 Piece Handmade Dice Set

Fortune's Favor: 8 Piece Handmade Dice Set

There's a deep purple core of iridescent magic at the heart of each of these 8 pieces. But your eye may go first to the rich metallic flakes or the vibrant blue inking, and the treasures buried in the deep that they promise ...


Fortune's Favor comes with a standard 7-piece set made with my custom fox head logo mold, and a matching oversized D20. 

  • Technical Specifications

    • All dice are made with Epoxy Resin
    • All dice are cast in a California Air Tools pressure pot to ensure balance and a proper cure.
    • All dice are sanded and polished by hand
  • Creative Specifications

    The custom dice masters for this set were created by Cleric's Components

    The custom dice mold was created by NanoLabMaker


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